Work with us to produce the best wedding planning experience for our clients and a great showcase tool for you.

What's in it for me?


Plants and Pottery


Reading Material


Wedding Decor


At what point do I handover the order to the It’s My Magazine team?

Once your client has paid the deposit, you provide their details to us and we take over the process and award you your commissions.

Can I order additional brochures or sample magazines?

Yes, they come in batches of ten. and you can order as many as you require.

Do I have to obtain a certain amount of clients per month?

Not at all, you can introduce as many clients as you want to

It’s My Magazine, we want this to complement your schedule.

Artist Making Jewelry


Modern Workspace


Beauty Models


How long does it take to produce a magazine once ordered?

From six to eight weeks once all content is received and each magazine we produce for your client can be used as a marketing tool to further showcase your business.


Can I have exclusive territory for my area?

Get in touch to discuss opportunities.

Can I pass my commission onto my client?

Of course, whether you choose to accept the amount or pass the saving onto your client is completely up to you.

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Get in touch to discuss ideas or for any questions or comments.

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