Inspired by the natural mystic of a Caribbean island, buried family treasure, and a splash of Bob Marley, the #TimeCapturers are a mother and daughter duo determined to scoop up and preserve as many life and love stories as possible.

Founder of this unique and innovative service Krystle shares the story of how this all started...


Hi friends!  We are a mother and daughter team with a shared love of old stories and even older photos and realised that this could be applied to weddings to really capture time.  


Going back a step, my great grandmother Anita was best friends with Bob Marley's mum and had all of these fascinating stories about him as a little boy growing up. (Apparently he could read palms so well until he predicted his own death at the age of five and never did it again). These tales coupled with stories of buried family treasure and Anita being one of only a few young Jamaican women to run her own shop before coming to Britain, meant that I was determined to write her life story.  Unfortunately, life, university and parties got in the way and she passed away rather suddenly.  As a result, a lot of our family history was lost and I figured that there had to be a way to capture our life stories without being ultra rich or ultra famous.


So our first product was the It's My Life Story magazines, which can be commissioned for parents, grand parents and elderly loved ones. We're now in talks for trials in care homes across SE England to capture the stories of their dementia sufferers for their families before it's too late. 


We soon realised that this product solved a massive problem in the wedding market as traditional albums can't tell the whole story.

So now using a great team of professional photographers, journalists and magazine designers, we can bring your story to life and preserve it for the enjoyment of your future generations.


EST 2012

We create for you to adore,


Pauline and Krystle

Shortlisted by the British Council as being amongst the UK's top three most innovative new businesses of 2013
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