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Why wedding albums suck

As many brides report their big day speeding by in a blur, let’s not leave it to our memories.

You could be a first time bride meticulously planning the wedding of your dreams, or found love the fourth time around and glad he’s put a ring on it; guaranteed the one thing you’ll both have in common…is your desire to properly capture your wedding.

All wedding plans have been affected by Covid-19 and you may have been planning anything from a glitz affair for 200 guests or a simple yet intimate soiree for loved ones in a Sicilian vineyard, either way after the cake is consumed and the dance floor packed away, all that is left are your memories, and your video, and… that dreaded album.

So yes, we said that traditional wedding albums suck…and here’s why...

1) They’re big and bulky

Subsequently it will stay prettily wrapped up in that hefty box in the corner of the attic, to be hauled out once a year on your anniversary…before the effort becomes too great (approximately around year three, give or take…).

2) Photographers are snobs

Which means that not only do they own your pictures (read your contract’s small print) only their pictures are allowed to grace YOUR wedding album! Only use Apple’s official charger, stay out of the cycle lane – we’re surrounded by rules in this Big Brother society, and this is just one of them!

3) Your album stops at the first dance…no party!