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Will Coronavirus affect my wedding day?

Everything you need to know

With Coronavirus taking over the news, it's a good idea to separate fact from frightening fiction and get clued up on how it could affect your big day. From wedding suppliers to healthcare professionals, we've chatted to the experts and got the lowdown on the impact of Coronavirus on weddings.

With daily COVID-19 updates from the Government and the unpredictable nature of the situation, we understand that this is a stressful and difficult time for couples planning 2021 weddings. At present receptions are banned and the number of ceremony guests depends on how many people from different households a venue can safely keep 2m apart. As many couples haven't been given clear guidance around hospitality and the reception, many are reducing the day to just the ceremony.

To help you make sense of it all and get a plan of action into place, we’ve spent some time chatting to all kinds of experts, from insurance professionals to wedding dress suppliers, and have answered all of your Coronavirus and wedding-related queries.

Whether you’re worried about your wedding insurance policy, your wedding dress delivery time or having to postpone your wedding, we’ve taken all of your concerns to the people who know best.

Will I need to postpone or cancel my wedding because of Coronavirus?

In Scotland, wedding receptions - but without alcohol - can take place with up to 50 people from 26 April.

Wedding ceremonies in Northern Ireland are currently limited to 25 people and receptions are banned. But dates for lockdown easing reviews are set for 15 April, 13 May and 10 June.

From 29 March in England, weddings can be attended by a maximum of six people. This will rise to 15 after 12 April if Covid rates remain low, increasing to a limit of 30 after 17 May. Receptions are included in the plans, but only in certain venues.

Will my wedding insurance cover postponement or cancellation?

Wedding Plan Insurance have outlined the circumstances in which your wedding will be covered if cancellation and not postponement is necessary: “Our policy would only provide cover if your venue is unable to hold your wedding due to the outbreak of infectious or contagious disease, the venue is closed by the relevant authority, or the death, injury or sickness of you or your close relative that would make continuance of the wedding inappropriate, subject to the policy terms and conditions.” The policy is also only valid if insurance was taken out before any lockdown or venue closures are announced.

Wedinsure highlight that you will need to check the specifics of your policy as they do not cover certain situations related to Coronavirus restrictions: “The policy does not cover cancellation or rearrangement due to any claim resulting from issues relating to travel bans, flight cancellations or government acts, regulations such as a ban on public or social gatherings or any form of travel restrictions.” We recommend taking a look at the terms and conditions and phoning your insurer if you’re unsure.

Will my honeymoon be affected by Coronavirus?

With the world slowly getting back on its feet after the pandemic, it is likely your honeymoon will be affected. The best sources for following the latest travel updates and restrictions are the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the International Air Transport Association. We also recommend contacting the hotel, airline or travel company you booked through to get their advice on postponing your trip if you’re planning on travelling to an affected area. Most travel insurance policies will cover trips cancelled due to government action but it’s best to check your individual plan. Certain destinations continue to remain off the cards—Australia and New Zealand are expected to remain off-limits till the countries open their borders after the entire population has been vaccinated.

To reduce your risk of contracting Coronavirus or spreading germs when travelling be sure to read up on the specialist travel guidelines from the National Travel Health Network and the NHS (spoiler: contains a lot of hand-washing).

Will Coronavirus stop me from getting my wedding dress?

As many wedding dresses are manufactured in China, we totally get why some of you may be worrying about getting your dream dress on time. We chatted to the chairman of the British Bridalwear Suppliers Association, William Dicks, who told us that there’s no need to panic: “Our advice is very clear; there is not any problem with the supply of wedding dresses. Because the Coronavirus impacted upon China around the time of Chinese New Year, many suppliers had already received gowns early and made arrangements to ensure all orders would be received on time. So, if you have ordered a dress, do not worry, it will arrive on time.”

If you’re yet to start shopping for your wedding dress, William advises turning to local suppliers: “Our advice is that you visit your local independent retailer. It is well known that some high street chains are struggling with supply, however independent stores have a selection of designer labels in store. That means dresses coming from different places all over the world, so they will be able to help you choose the most beautiful dress and reassure you that it will be able to arrive on time. An independent retailer will know which dresses can arrive by which date and provide that advice.”

How can I stop my wedding guests catching Coronavirus?

If you decide to go ahead with your wedding and you have a wedding website, why not add information from or link to the NHS hygiene guidelines? This will ensure all guests are up to date with how best to ward off infection and stop the spread. We would totally suggest hand-washing in time to the chorus of “Marry You” by Bruno Mars, but that’s just us.

Bernadette also advises that couples put special measures in place on the day: “Ask the venue if they have antibacterial soap in the restrooms, ask for disposable paper hand towels over fluffy soft hand towels. Ask for hand sanitisers to be placed in the toilets and think about having staff spritz every guest with high quality alcohol-based sanitisers.” If you really don’t want to risk infection getting in the way of your honeymoon plans, “you might want to suggest no kissing the bride or groom!”

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