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Honeymoon trends to expect in 2021

With shorter, experiential trips currying favour over international destinations, Ankur Sarawagi, country head for wedding planning company The Knot Worldwide decodes what the honeymoon landscape looks like in the new normal:

Drivable destinations

Air travel has been a concern for the vast majority of couples planning their special vacation, and in order to minimise multiple physical interactions, drivable destinations are being preferred over long-distance locations. This trend has further inspired travel agencies to focus on two- to three-day getaways to various scenic hill stations, historical visits and adventure packages.

Rental properties

For many couples, luxury resorts promise security as health and safety protocols are strictly followed. However, to make their honeymoon memorable, couples prefer to rent Airbnb properties or smaller villas as they are more affordable and offer an immersive experience.

Pared-back itineraries

Itineraries have become uncomplicated as well for moving around freely without taking precautions all the time. We can now find couples opting for relaxing vacations with simpler and limited activities planned for the day.

How to plan a honeymoon right now

We live in uncertain times, but that’s no reason for you to compromise on this once-in-a-lifetime experience. As a bonus, local homestays and domestic destinations that have been adversely affected by the pandemic could also stand to benefit from your patronage. If you’ve been looking to make the process as smooth as possible, Sarawagi believes that keeping a few precautions in mind can make the journey after ‘I do’ equally memorable. Looking ahead, he predicts that vaccine passports, or a certification of COVID-19 vaccination, will become a mandate. He also advises newlyweds to look for travel companies offer COVID-19 insurance. “It is advisable for couples to travel to known locations, plan their stays at trusted properties and keep physical interaction to a bare minimum. While this would restrict the exploration of the city, it would certainly leave couples more time to spend by themselves,” he says.

Awareness of state-wise travel regulations is also important before booking tickets—travellers are expected to carry a declaration form provided on state websites confirming that they have not tested positive for COVID-19 in the past two months or have not been in touch with anyone who has been tested positive. He also advises against choosing destinations that require layovers at a third country as it can be challenging to adhere to cumbersome travel formalities and restrictions.

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