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Take a peek at some of our wedding client's magazines

Phil & Norma-Jean

"Be the star of your very own Vogue-style magazine!


We really love history and originality.  This combined both! Impress your family and friends with this truly unique way of keeping and sharing moments that would otherwise be just a distant memory. We did just that, and have been overwhelmed with the results, and know that you will too!"                 

                          - Phil Smithson-King

Richard & Lili

"Bring your theme to life without being tacky!


"When we met the It's My Magazine team at the bridal show we were so impressed with the product, as it was something we'd never seen before. We just couldn't go home without booking a consultation, as we knew this was perfect for us, especially as we had quite an unusual cowboy theme, it was captured brilliantly."                 

                          - Richard Lofts

David & Patrice

"We were able to fit in so much!


We had so many plans, special touches and memories that would have been left out of a traditional album.  We've since had a baby and feel that this is the perfect family heirloom and a way that we can now start a Bailey family tradition!"                 

                          - David Bailey

Karl & Nicole

"A beautiful memento of our wonderful day!


We loved the It's My Magazine experience. It's not until you see something like this that you even realise how needed it is.

It is such a great idea, and has made our wedding day really stand out!"

                               -Nicole Monahan

Marc & Emma

"It's brought back so many wonderful memories of our day!


Thank you so much for designing a magazine for our one year anniversary - we love it!"  


                                 - Emma Bijoux

"We were so happy to finally do

something with our pictures!


I commissioned this as a surprise anniversary gift for my husband,and I'm so happy I did.  He was delighted and my family loved having copies of this memento that they featured in and could keep forever."                 

                                    - Amina

Tom & Charlotte

"Capturing the whole story with nothing left out!


We wanted the whole journey to be preserved from our childhoods to our first meeting, wedding day and honeymoon, it even featured our stag and hen dos!

We were shocked at how much like a real magazine it looked!"          

                                     - Tom Springnall


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