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It's My Magazine Wants You!

Do something fabulous with your wedding photos and preserve the sparkle of your unique love story. Is there something sentimental about your wedding that you'd like stunningly captured? Do you have any great family recipes, traditions, funny stories or old photographs you'd like preserved? Are you interested in documenting your combined family histories, your creativity, all of the inspiring elements that went into making the two of you who you are today?

If this is appealing, we invite you to experience a brand new innovation in wedding day capture that truly ensures that the memories never fade, creating an heirloom to be enjoyed for generations.

Welcoming contributions from your nearest and dearest (bridal party, family and guests), your heirloom consists of well written features and interviews including the meeting, love story, proposal, hen & stag (optional!) and honeymoon, as well as incorporating your fabulous wedding day photographs.

As our marketing couple you'll send us a mini testimonial and be open to media opportunities if needed.

Take a peek to view our workmanship for yourself and decide whether capturing history is something your love story deserves.

Get in touch if you have good quality pictures that you're able to use to document your love journey...we'll do the rest. or call us during office hours.

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